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Can you believe this? I expressed a sentiment that perhaps I should update my journals (being a superteam of Livejournal and Dreamwidth) more oftener and here I am actually following through with the intentions that I felt at the time. This almost never happens, in the same way that hell almost never freezes over. I think this is something of a tired overused cliche nowadays and we really need a new one. How much do we really know about Hell anyway. I mean there's apparently loads of different levels to it and everything, is it massively inconceivable that they have like an ice level, after all there is always an ice level. If cartoons have taught me anything it's that Hell loves ironic punishments and so I'd be very disappointed if there wasn't an appropriately frozen segment for punishing people who... erm... I don't know... always had the radiators on too hot? Ironic punishments are difficult, especially if you are working backwards from the punishment and trying to find some kind of ironic crime to fit. Speaking of which ironic criminals are the worst criminals. I would make some remark about some kind of ironic crime but I have the same problem as Alanis Morrisette, in that I get kind of confused about what ironic actually means sometimes, and so I like to stay away from the entire subject...

Pandora's Cut. Open At Own Risk )

Anyway whatever. That is enough of this for now. I really shouldn't write so much on here.


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