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So if you're reading this on Dreamwidth then you might be sat there thinking 'what is this random review thing of which you speak?' Well for those who I would describe as the 'uninitiated' let me fill you in. It is a feature in which I go onto wikipedia, hit random article and then write a review of whatever thing comes up, regardless of whether I actually know anything about the topic in question or not. I used to do these on Livejournal for a bit and then I stopped because I got really lazy, also there was one entry in which I started talking about someone who put a hat in a sink and I kind of thought maybe I should shelf the feature for a while. And so I did. And now I am bringing it back. I guess that puts you about up to date.

This time in order to preserve at least some semblance of sense I have hired a man called Horatio to stand behind me and poke me with a taser on a stick whenever I go too far off-topic. This is what I mean by All-New (although other than the fact that I am pretending that there is a man behind me who will periodically jab me with an imaginary taser there really isn't very much different than the Original Random Review (don't tell trading standards)).

So without significant amounts of further ado lets get this show on the road and do some random reviewing. Today's review as selected by the Random Article tab of Wikipedia is Ángeles Montolio, or as I will call him from now on: Angels Minolo. Angels is a former tennis player from Spain, and also apparently a woman. She was like the 22nd best tennis player in 2002 and then she retired shortly after. Well I think that's probably enough information to construct a review out of, so why don't I just get on with it eh?

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