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So welcome to the Reviewstravaganza! I know the other day I was all like 'hey if it doesn't get reviewed then it doesn't get reviewed and with my busy life thems the breaks' well that kind of laissez faire attitude may be fine and dandy for some people but this is me with all my crazy compulsions that we are talking about. If one program is going to be getting reviewed then I am going to have to review them all. Blame my OCD. So today, either in a vast review post which is the one you are currently reading or a staccato series of review posts you will be reading reviews on Eureka 4x09 - I'll Be Seeing You, Warehouse 13 2x11 & 2x12 - Buried and Reset, House 6x01 - Now What?, Chuck 4x01 - Chuck Versus The Anniversary, Gossip Girl 3x01 & 3x02 - Belles De Jour and Double Identities and Castle 3x01 - A Deadly Affair.

First Up: Eureka )

Coming up next: Warehouse 13.
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On the one hand I am currently playing Dragon Age: Origins, on another hand I am currently replaying Mass Effect in an effort to get all of the achievements (in fact at the moment I am stood in front of a Citadel Rapid Transport Terminal firing Neural Shocks as and when they become available), I am also reading The Dark Tower books (midway through The Wizard and The Glass), run a series of adventures on the MSPA Forums (though admittedly they haven't updated for a while), participate in a bunch of Grand Battles, rewrite The Principalities, write actual books, watch far too many TV programs (this includes catching up with programs with which I am not currently up to date) and watch all the films that have built up on my DVD/HDD recorder. This is to name a few.

This is the reason I cannot ever do anything, because I am too busy trying to do everything.

Also on a sidenote I am probably not going to attempt to review every TV program that I watch because that road leads to madness. I might still attempt to review the odd one should the mood take me and if it happens to be a particuarly good one. But needs must as the devil drives and I should probably go and do one of those things I mentioned before.
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So I've just watched this episode of Dirty Sexy Money, specifically that one episode that was took off air for some reason and really confused me all week long and which I consequently never saw. And for some reason I am about to do a review on it. Nevermind that I have pending reviews I could be doing on Eureka, Gossip Girl and Warehouse 13. Today is all about reviewing stuff that I should have watched two years ago.

better late than never right? )

Also I really did try to find an applicable 'strangely appropriate song' for this review and this was the closest I could get. Get it? ChocoLATE? Because it's two years late? ...Yeah ...I know.
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Oh hey I don't think I'm going to review this episode...

...NOT! )
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embrace the blueberry shortcake )
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So hey look I am doing more reviews and stuff. Reviewing stuff is fun. Warehouse 13 is an awesome, and relatively new program that I have started watching. While originally I only did it in preparation for it's crossover episode with Eureka I can definately say that it is a worthwhile show of it's own merit and definately worth watching.

'if you ask me they could stand to spice things up a little bit. Add a little blueberry shortcake, and maybe have a swimsuit issue.' )
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Bizarre as it may sound I am actually finding enjoyment in updating my journals again so I figured I would go the whole hog and start reviewing stuff again. See here for some other stuff I have reviewed. And I thought I would get the ball rolling with a review of a couple of DLC packs for Bioshock 2 that I downloaded the other day: The Protector Trials and Minerva's Den.

Would You Kindly Read This Review? )

Also notice the return of the strangely appropriate song. This is when my Now Playing Song just happens to sync up in some strange way with the topic I am discussing. Todays for example is Behind The Sea by P!ATD, and Rapture is a city that is beneath the sea and that's good enough for me. What do you mean this feature is contrived, it's totally a coincidence, honest!
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So it turns out that Horatio, the guy zapping me remember?, is actually a really big fan of tennis and when he saw me typing all those opinions that he didn't agree with he decided to take matters into his own hands...

By which I mean he put down the taser on a stick and invited Elton John around to sing an explanatory song about how tennis is really great. So Elton came around, brought me some strawberries and cream as it happens, and explained to me why tennis is so great through the medium of song. And so now I think tennis is great. Therefore I'd like to amend the scores of the last review. It now occurs to me that angels playing tennis is fanciful rubbish that should be frowned upon, both literally and figuratively, and that Ángeles Montolio is a pretty cool girl who is while not the best, certainly above the average tennis player. I now rate her to be 40/game, which is more tennis speak for you poor souls who haven't embraced the wonder of tennis into your life. Join us... Join us...
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So if you're reading this on Dreamwidth then you might be sat there thinking 'what is this random review thing of which you speak?' Well for those who I would describe as the 'uninitiated' let me fill you in. It is a feature in which I go onto wikipedia, hit random article and then write a review of whatever thing comes up, regardless of whether I actually know anything about the topic in question or not. I used to do these on Livejournal for a bit and then I stopped because I got really lazy, also there was one entry in which I started talking about someone who put a hat in a sink and I kind of thought maybe I should shelf the feature for a while. And so I did. And now I am bringing it back. I guess that puts you about up to date.

This time in order to preserve at least some semblance of sense I have hired a man called Horatio to stand behind me and poke me with a taser on a stick whenever I go too far off-topic. This is what I mean by All-New (although other than the fact that I am pretending that there is a man behind me who will periodically jab me with an imaginary taser there really isn't very much different than the Original Random Review (don't tell trading standards)).

So without significant amounts of further ado lets get this show on the road and do some random reviewing. Today's review as selected by the Random Article tab of Wikipedia is Ángeles Montolio, or as I will call him from now on: Angels Minolo. Angels is a former tennis player from Spain, and also apparently a woman. She was like the 22nd best tennis player in 2002 and then she retired shortly after. Well I think that's probably enough information to construct a review out of, so why don't I just get on with it eh?

In here )
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This week I am mainly attempting to complete Mass Effect 2 on Insanity Difficulty, which has turned out to be insanely difficult. Really I should be less surprised, but there you go. Were it not for the Insanity Mode achievement; the last one I need to declare the game fully completed, perhaps I wouldn't have even entertained the possibility of attempting this game on such an absurd difficulty. As of the now I am contemplating giving up on it entirely, considering the amount of difficulty I am having with enemies which are normally a pushover. When it comes to fighting the collectors and Harbinger I kind of think that I won't really stand a chance. But on the other hand I am not very good at giving up on things.

So I guess that's it then. I guess this entry isn't really a comedyfest of jokes and japes and hijinks and shenanigans, but Mass Effect 2 is a serious business. Also I really want to purchase Fallout 3 and I really need someone to talk me out of it.
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Can you believe this? I expressed a sentiment that perhaps I should update my journals (being a superteam of Livejournal and Dreamwidth) more oftener and here I am actually following through with the intentions that I felt at the time. This almost never happens, in the same way that hell almost never freezes over. I think this is something of a tired overused cliche nowadays and we really need a new one. How much do we really know about Hell anyway. I mean there's apparently loads of different levels to it and everything, is it massively inconceivable that they have like an ice level, after all there is always an ice level. If cartoons have taught me anything it's that Hell loves ironic punishments and so I'd be very disappointed if there wasn't an appropriately frozen segment for punishing people who... erm... I don't know... always had the radiators on too hot? Ironic punishments are difficult, especially if you are working backwards from the punishment and trying to find some kind of ironic crime to fit. Speaking of which ironic criminals are the worst criminals. I would make some remark about some kind of ironic crime but I have the same problem as Alanis Morrisette, in that I get kind of confused about what ironic actually means sometimes, and so I like to stay away from the entire subject...

Pandora's Cut. Open At Own Risk )

Anyway whatever. That is enough of this for now. I really shouldn't write so much on here.


Aug. 22nd, 2010 04:07 am
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I should update this thing more oftener.


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