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I know I normally only dig this thing out so I can bitch and moan about Doctor Who episodes that I hate, and that this probably looks like I'm about to launch into a massive spiel about how awful it was and blah blah blah. Actually the episode wasn't terrible. It wasn't fantastic either but it was okay.

Things that I liked:
* That it was a dalek story that wasn't just about Daleks being this super massive threat and killing everyone.

* Oswin; she was fun.

* The idea of The Daleks losing all memory of the Doctor. I'm not sure exactly how that is going to be developed but I think it could be interesting (I can't wait for the next dalek episode to come along and that to be all swept under the carpet and never mentioned again).

Things that I Disliked:
* People-Daleks. I'm having difficulty articulating exactly why I disliked them. I think the best way I can explain it is that it seemed more like a cyberman thing to do. They're both villains but they have conflicting goals and methodologies. Cybermen have always been happy to convert other things into more of them but the daleks value what they are and their purity as such. I find it difficult to believe that they would want to create something which is a blend of them and the things they hate the most. It seemed lazy from a writing perspective, like 'they get an eye stalk and a plunger hand and that is how they are daleks, everyone knows that is what daleks are, this is a great idea now go film it'.

Though, that said I think I prefer this to the way they handled daleks having humans working for them in Daleks in Manhattan (pigmen/horrifying dalek man), so I guess it is something that can be overlooked.

* A crowd of daleks all repeating DOCTOR WHO? DOCTOR WHO? DOCTOR WHO ad nauseum. The one thing I hated the absolute most about the conclusion of the last season was the 'Doctor whoooo? Doctor whoooo? Doctor whooooo?!' thing and I really hope that it doesn't become like some kind of motif of this season.

* I would have liked it if the Daleks imprisoned in the asylum had seemed even remotely different from the conventional Daleks. Like if they had seemed insane in any way whatsoever. Lazy writing.

The twist was obvious. Well sort of. It was really obvious that she wasn't a human. I thought she was the ship's AI that had convinced itself it was a human and was doing all this stuff. I didn't figure that she was a dalek but yeah it was a decent twist whatever.

On a scale of Doctor Who villains (legally different from LP's scale of Buffy villains) this ranks as an Ood. Exactly in the middle. Total indifference.
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