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Castle is one of my favourite programs. I know essentially it's just a police procedural, of which there are many many many, but the brilliance of Castle is Nathan Fillion and the chemistry he has with Stana Katic, which admittedly is very little today as Beckett is pissed with Castle. Not only pissed with him for leaving and starting up a relationship with his ex-wife, but for coming back, not telling her and then ending up standing over every dead body in the city, or so it seems. While I understand precisely where she is coming from with regard to being so cold to Castle it was still a little difficult to watch because I was sat there wanting them to be back on good terms again, bantering about how Castle seemed to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time pretty damn consistently.

This episode was what one might describe as a How We Got Here episode, beginning with an exciting confrontation and working back to discern precisely what was going on at that point. To be fair the exciting confrontation itself; the shot of Castle and Beckett aiming at one another and firing, was never going to happen and every single person who saw that was aware that there was some other interpretation to what had just happened to make it make sense, but then again that is what happens on episodes like this, and I suppose that could be the point of episodes like this. Even so things did not work out in the way that I had guessed that they would.

The opening 'this is what this show is' bit at the start of every episode has been updated and that is awesome, just so you know I can quote the entirity of the second series version on demand, and I really am ruggedly handsome (which by the way I loved the reference to in this episode).

Overall this episode was pretty cool and fun and had a rather clever connection between the victims; that I wouldn't have figured out either had the specific words 'making money' not been used. This episode did feel kind of like 'just getting the gang back together' though and I guess I will have to wait to see what happens next week. Perhaps I might even take more copious notes, or pay more attention with the knowledge that I will actually be reviewing it. Eight out of ten.

And now I think I go to sleep or something.
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